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Garden Tape is the easiest way to stake tomatoes

Garden Tape self-adhesive tape is ideal for staking growing tomato and other tall, gangly plants. Garden Tape stretches just enough to keep the stems in place without disturbing vital nutrients flowing through the stalks as they grow. The tape is available in dark green, light green and you guessed it….Tomato Red. “Nearly 30 million Americans who have gardens, about 95 percent of them, grow tomatoes in their backyards. This makes tomatoes the most popular home-garden vegetable in the United States.”

Why should you use Garden Tape instead of strings or wires to protect your plants?

Easy to use, flexible
Tears easily to desired length
Stays in place for the growing season
Supports against the wind
Self-adhesive – no tying needed
Green tape blends into the garden

Offered in 3/4 and one inch width

Great for grafting trees

Made in the USA

August 24, 2016
Tape-O (http://www.tape-o.com/) manufactures …

June 15, 2016
Have you ever heard of Marine Wrap?

June 15, 2016

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Tape-O has so many uses and so many colors.

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