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Tape-O ( manufactures …

Tape-O ( manufactures “Made in USA” Garden Tape is self-adhering and tears easily to the desired length with no scissors needed…


Tape-O manufacturers “Made in USA”  Sports Tape is water resistant, conforms to your body and helps protect joints to provide support after injury….

Did you ever wonder what tape works for your immediate needs?

Well at Tape-O ( a division of “The Dome Companies” ( you have a selection that will fulfill your needs no matter what they are. Tape-O is the ideal bandage to use in the most difficult to bandage areas. The tape of 1000 uses is our nickname and let me alert you to some of its many important uses:

You probably used our Tape-O branded products over the years but now we will highlight our brand in Facebook and blog postings to keep you more frequently aware of our multi-purpose brand ( as we are the tape of 1000’s of uses. I invite you to try our tapes and bandages and let us know what you think!