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Unique Tapes

Tape-O is the unique tape to use when you have multiple tasks to perform and reliability is needed immediately. It adheres securely to itself but never to a person’s hair, skin or clothing and its offered in many colors unlike competitors. Tape-O is called the “Tape of 1000 uses with some of them being:

  • Athletic Tape
  • Medical Tape
  • Hockey Tape
  • Gymnastics Tape
  • Pet Wraps (New)
  • Garden Tape (New)
  • Marine Tape (New)

For more information about Tape-o and how it can make your life easier in times of a taping emergency, please visit our website ( and see the difference between our product and the others. If you have a taping need, Tape-O is ready to make it easy to handle.

Did you know?

Tape-O manufacturers “Made in USA” products that are ideal for your heavy or lightweight taping needs?

Check out our videos at