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Did you know?

Tape-O LightWeight and HeavyWeight stretch wraps are strong yet pliable and adhere well to skin for sure support.


Did you know?

Tape-O is a well-established supplier to the medical industry with all wraps and tapes made right here in the USA..…

Sports Tape

Tape-O “Sports Tape” is breathable poly cotton used by professional sports trainers to help protect joints from injury and to provide support after injury.

Did you know?

Tape-O makes such popular brands as Garden Tape, Marine Wrap and Pet Wrap Products.

Pet Wrap, Pet Wrap Plus and Pet Wrap Ultra are brands that The Dome Companies proudly offer consumers but what is the difference? One major difference is the recommended application hold that each targets unlike many competitors who just wrap a pet without the “care” needed to avoid pain once applied. If you want to see once why Pet Wrap products are better, please note the information we feel will make you buy our Pet Wrap products in the future:

  • Pet Wrap Ultra is a maximum strength self-adhering bandage that can be used after surgery to prevent your pet from tearing the bandage off which is common. The 98% cotton extra strength “Ultra” leaves no residue and is traditionally used after a sprain or broken bone besides surgery. No scissors, tears easily and only sticks to itself are a few of the many advantages of using “Pet Wrap Ultra”.
  • Pet Wrap Plus is a woven cotton self-adhesive wrap which is biodegradable and can be used by pets of all sizes. No residue and no scissors along with its strong support and compression makes “Pet Wrap Plus” another wrap most recommended by pet owners.
  • Pet Wrap is a perfect lightweight bandage for protecting wounds. Its stretch material supports, compresses and is easy to tear. Securing bandages and protection after stitches are a few of the many applications for “ Pet Wrap”.

Pet Wrap instructional videos also is an excellent source for education and instruction ( Pet Wrap brands from the Dome Companies is in partnership with the Pets for Vets ( ) organization and is proud to offer quality products “Made in the USA”.  Make sure your pet is in the pet shape possible and research the best alternatives if they need health assistance. From all of us at “The Dome Companies” ( and Tape-O brand products ( thank you for sharing time with us today.

Did you know?

Tape-O manufacturers CoTear self-adherent compression bandage designed for consistent non-slip support.